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Microarray Instruments - Microarray Microscopes

The Microarray Pin and Spot Inspection Microscope includes a 30X magnification stereo microscope and a lighting system ideal for inspecting microarray printing pins and printed microarray spots. This is essential equipment for all microarray laboratories.

Figure 1. Microarray pin inspection is essential for manufacturing high quality microarrays. Our microscope product combines 30X magnification and a superior light source that make inspecting pin tips quick and easy. Shown here is the tip of a 946MP4 Micro Spotting Pin as seen through the ocular of the microscope.

Figure 2. Photograph of DNA samples printed using Micro Spotting Plus as the printing buffer. The spots were printed onto SuperAmine microarray slide substrates and visualized through the ocular of the microscope. High quality optics, lighting and background make visualization of spots easy. The spots seen in this image were printed at 187 m spacing.

Usage Tips

When inspecting printing pins the white or black background can be used. Use the black background to look for damaged tips, and the white background to check the uptake channel for clogs and debris. Place the pin on the deck of the viewing area using the flat portion of the collar to keep the pin from rotating on the deck. Please handle pins with care at all times.
When inspecting printed spots, use the black background provided with the unit and turn the lighting setting to maximum power. Place microarray spots up on the deck of the microscope and adjust the focus until the printed spots are clear and sharp.
For optimal performance, please keep the microscope clean, free of dust and debris, and dry at all times.

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Catalog ID

Microarray Inspection Microscope, 220v overseas version

30X stereo microscope with a 220 volt high watt light source, extra bulb, white and black background, spot inspection background, one-year warranty, 220 volt overseas version.