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SuperGold Substrates


SuperGold Microarray Substrates provide a superior 500-angstrom gold layer surface for microarray surface plasmon resonance, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, biosensors, and other high-end applications. The manufacturing process begins with our atomically flat (SuperClean) polished glass as the substrate and constructs the 500 Å gold layer using an ultra-durable chrome adhesion layer attachment approach. The SuperGold K series provides a 1000-angstrom gold layer surface for specialized applications.

 Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  •  Quality Control
  •  Product Description
  •  Applications
  •  Technical Assistance
  •  Recommended Equipment
  • Ordering Information
  • Storage Conditions
  • Warranty


Congratulations on taking a big step towards improving your microarray and advanced technology research. This booklet contains complete protocols outlining the steps required to use ArrayIt® SuperGold Microarray Substrates.

Quality Control

ArrayIt® takes every measure to assure the quality of our SuperGold Microarray Substrates. Rigorous quality control monitoring on a substrate-by-substrate basis guarantees that these products conforms to the highest industry standards.

Product Description

ArrayIt® provides the world’s only gold substrate on an atomically flat glass surface. Our innovative, high-end SuperGold Substrates make gold-surface based assays rapid, affordable, easy to implement, and the data obtained will be superior to other products in the field. Users will appreciate the following features:

  • 500 Å layer of pure gold for superior performance
  • 1000 Å layer thickness available in the SuperGold K series
  • Microarray, cell biology, nanotechnology, SPR, microscopy and other applications
  • Atomically flat glass substrate improves assay precision
  • Chrome adhesion method provides superior durability
  • Cleanroom manufacturing process prevents particle contamination
  • More convenient and better quality than “home made” surfaces
  • Antistatic, environmental proof packaging
  • Corner chamfer for unambiguous gold (functional) side identification
  • Substrates arrive ready to use

Figure 1.  SuperGold Microarray Substrate in a class 100 cleanroom. The 500 Å gold layer on the atomically flat glass substrate is readily visible. The SMG5 product is manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment, and is provided in boxes of 5 pieces for affordability and ease-of-use. Make sure to use the top (gold) side of the substrate only.  The gold is deposited on the side corresponding to the cropped (chamfer) located in the upper right of the substrate as shown in the photograph.

Technical Assistance

Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you need technical assistance. 

Recommended Equipment and Reagents

NanoPrint™ Microarrayers
SpotBot® 2 Personal Microarrayers
InnoScan® Microarray Scanners
SpotLight™ Microarray Scanners
Microarray Hybridization Cassettes
High Throughput Wash Station
Microarray High-Speed Centrifuge
Protein Printing Buffer
BlockIt™ Blocking Buffer
Microarray Air Jet
Microarray Cleanroom Wipes
PCR Purification Kits
SuperProtein Blocking Buffer
Micro-Total RNA Extraction Kit
MiniAmp mRNA Amplification Kit
Indirect Amino Allyl Fluorescent Labeling Kit
Universal Reference mRNA
Green540 and Red640 Reactive Fluorescent Dyes
Hybridization Buffers

Ordering Information



Catalog ID

SuperGold Microarray Substrates

Atomically flat microarray substrate containing a 500 Å layer of pure gold (Au) on a 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide, 5 pieces per box.


SuperGold Microarray Substrates with Barcode

High-end microarray substrate containing a 500 Å layer of pure gold (Au) on a 25 x 76 mm atomically flat glass substrate slide with barcode, 5 pieces per box.


SuperGold K Microarray Substrates

Atomically flat microarray substrate containing a 1000 Å layer of pure gold (Au) on a 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide, 5 pieces per box.


SuperGold K Microarray Substrates with Barcode

Atomically flat microarray substrate containing a 1000 Å layer of pure gold (Au) on a 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide with barcode, 5 pieces per box.


SuperGold Microarray Substrates, Custom

SuperGold Microarray Substrates, with gold layer of custom size and thickness.


Storage Conditions

Arrayit's SuperGold Microarray Substrates are stable at room temperature (25°C) for 6 months from the date of receipt. Store in the sealed plastic shipping envelope and avoid exposure to elevated temperature and humidity, and dust.


ArrayIt® brand products have been developed scientifically, and are sold for research and development purposes. Extreme care and exact attention should be practiced in the use of the materials described herein. All ArrayIt® brand products are subject to extensive quality control and are guaranteed to perform as described when used properly. Any problems with ArrayIt® products should be reported to Arrayit immediately.  Arrayit's liability is limited to the replacement of the product, or a full refund.  Any misuse of this product is the full responsibility of the user, and Arrayit makes no warranty or guarantee under such circumstances.