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Microarray Scanners

European Biotech Network is offering a large range of  Microarray Scanners for fluorescent and colorimetric scanning and quantification.

Depending on the scanner, Microarrays can be scanned in microplates and onto microarray slides, or both. Our microarray scanners are ideal for customers wishing to combine the convenience and throughput of microplate assays with the performance of microarrays to enable a high level of assay multiplexing. Our microarray scanners provide rapid image acquisition, quantification and reporting in easy to use instruments.


Microarray Scanners

Microarray Scanners

Colorimetric & Fluorescence
Microarray Scanners


AsterScan - BF Microarray Scanner

ArrayWell Microarray Scanner

AsterScan Microarray Scanner

AsterScan -BF : Microplates & slides ArrayWell-F : Microplates & slides AsTerScan : Microplates & slides
ArrayWell-C Microarray Scanner

MaRS Microarray Scanner

AsterScan-LT Microarray Scanner

ArrayWell-C : Microplates & slides

MaRS : slides

AsterScan - LT Microplates & slides

(cover not shown)

Spotware Microarray Scanner
Spotware : slides