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MArS Microarray Scanner
Microarray Scanner MArS




 Optic Design and specifications

 Analysis software „SpotScout Pro“

 Verification Kit


Fluorescence Microarray Scanner for DNA & Protein Microarrays Applications in Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Handy, flexible and robust Microarray scanner which provides excellent results.
The benefits from the advantages of our Microarray Scanner MArS :

  • Best price performance ratio
  • Scan four slides simultaneously and save time
  • Peltier-cooled laser modules to get the best scan results at every temperature
  • Up to six emission filters for flexibility at different fluorescence colorants
  • Integrated grey filter to read out barcodes
  • 20-bit dynamic range for gene expression and miRNA
  • Automatic grid finding
  • VerificationKit for the automatic detection and removal of errors so that you can always rely on your measuring results

The MArS is ideal for every laboratory and individual use, whether commercial biochips or self-created microarrays. The MArS offers enough flexibility to read out every microarray slide made of glass or plastics.
In addition, the software SpotScout provides the required values to be able to make scientific and reliable statements.
Why don’t you just test us immediately and send us your biochips – we supply high-resolution images and value tables .

MArS system specifications

Microarray Scanner MaRS 


 Two solid-state lasers (standard)

  •  Sequential scanning of 532 nm and 635 nm for Cy3, Cy5 and similar fluorescence labels
  •  Peltier-cooled laser modules for enhanced signal stability


 Up to 6 emission filters; motorized filter wheel

  •  Standard 580 and 680 nm bandpath (for Cy3, Cy5 and similar fluorescence labels), others upon request
  •  Greyfilter for barcode reading (1D and 2D)


 Low-noise Photomultiplier with highest sensitivity for optimal signal-to-noise ratio

  •  “Quantum efficiency-independent PMT-gain control”
  •  16-bit dynamic range; linear over 4 decades
  • Two data channels for up to 20-bit dynamics in one run


Triaxial, motorized X/Y/Z-Scan mechanics

  • Pixel resolution adjustable 10 to 100 μm
  • Automatic focus adjustment
  • One wavelength per scan for lowest crosstalk (Cy5 vs. Cy3-scan)

FlexibilityScanning up to four slides simultaneously

  • „Force-free“ loading of slides

ISO Slide Standard

  • Width: min. 24.9 mm, max. 25.4 mm
  • Length: 75-76 mm
  • Scanning field: 23 x 76 mm
  • Glass- or plastic slides

 Dimensions & weight

  • W-H-D: 395 - 305 - 595 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg


  • Basis software „SpotScout"

  • Analysis software „SpotScout Pro“

SpotScout Pro

 Microarray analysis software

Enables the automatic evaluation of a wide range of biochip formats

  • Quantifiying and evaluating image data from biochips
  • Powerful algorithms for automatic grid finding
  • Reliable and efficient quality control

Microarray Analysis software 

Daily tasks become significantly easier and are performed much faster due to intuitive interfaces, efficient session management and comprehensive reporting.


Microarray Analysis software

Fully automatic grid finding avoids individual errors and affords reproducibility of results at all times.


Quality control
SpotScout Pro comes with reliable quality assurance functions, such as spot position evaluation, artefact detection and saturation checks.

  • Objective evaluation of the overall quality of a chip
  • Objective evaluation of the individual quality of each spot
  • Avoidance of costly misinterpretation due to experimental artefacts
  • Documentation of each evaluation step

Compatible with a broad range of biochip formats

  • Image formats from microarray scanner MArS and all standard scanners
  • Import of all GAL files

MArS Verification Kit

To allow routine quality checks of MArS according the ‘IVD-Directive' 98/79 EG the Verification Kit offers the test modules:

  • Gain Verification
  • Focus Verification
  • Slot geometry
  • Red-Green Alignment
  • Autofluorescence
  • Background Verification
  • Laser Noise
  • Electronic Noise

Verification Kit Mars Microarray scanner 

To afford easiest handling and to avoid individual mistakes the „Verification Wizard“ guides the user through the testing process.


Testing results
Required corrective actions are executed automatically.
The results are documented in a comprehensive Verification Report.

Verification Kit Mars Microarray Scanner

The Verification Kit consists of:

  • Software module ‚Verification Wizard‘
  • Corresponding verification slides (geometric & verification slide), individually barcoded and tracked by the software
  • Motorized lens cleaning tool

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