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GM-428 MicroArray Fluorescence
Scanner Affymetrix

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Technical Freatures :


The Scanner 428 of GMS is designed around a new & innovating technology patented by GMS known as of “the flying objective” which makes it possible to very quickly move a beam of focused light (confocal lens low mass with broad opening) more quickly than any other technology without sacrificing the resolution nor the effectiveness of the collection of light.
The slide supporting the sample is moved according to its length.

Because the sample is slowly moved, face comprising the sample towards the top, under an objective which sweeps very quickly, Scanner 428 of GMS allows the analysis of sample of very varied nature, dryness or liquid, under plate, on filter, freezing, etc…
Moreover , the sequential imagery avoids the cross contamination of the signals to the various wavelengths with a loss of signal (Photobleaching) limited during the reading, thus authorizing several successive second readings.
Scanner 428, apparatus of second generation, was designed to be able to adapt to new fluorescent markers and a variety of substrates, guaranteeing to you a capacity of adaptation to your future needs. It proposes currently more than 8 fluorochromes out of standard.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions : 38 cm height X 38 cm width X 61 cm depth
Weight: 45 kgs
Power supply : Auto-switch 90-250 Volts, 50-60 Hertz,
250 Watts maximum
Marking EC : YES
Fluorochromes usable: Cy3, Cy5, Hex, JO6, Phycoerythrine,…

Optical System :
Excitation : 2 laser diode:  - 532 Nm (for Cy3), power 8 MW,         - 635 Nm (for Cy5), power 8 MW.
The apparatus is equipped with a autofocus, but it is also possible to manually regulate the focus according to the height of the support. Scanner 428 is intended to be able to receive other additional laser sources.
Emission : Detection by tube photomultiplier (PMT).
3 filters of emission 551 Nm, 570 Nm, 665 Nm (other filters of emission available).
Compensation of the basic current of the PMT by measurement of dark current, or running obtained in the absence of excitation.

Computer provided with Scanner GM-428:
Compatible IBM type Pentium III 850 minimum MHz,
RAM 256 MB,
HD 20/40 minimum Go,
Readers: 3.5 ", CD-ROM, Zip
Operational system : Windows 2000 with Pack Microsoft Office
Screen 16 million colors 19 ".
Board Ethernet network 10/100 Bases T.

Driving software :
Graphic Interface of Windows type, compatible Windows 98, NT and 2000

Functions available :
1. Departure of the scanning on the slide starting from the point X0, Y0,
2. Definition of the surface of scanning in mm (X, Y),
3. Pre-scanning of the slide which makes it possible to select the interesting zone

1. Adjustment of the parameters of the lasers and PMT privileging constantly the reduction of the background noise,
2. Selection of the laser used: red, green in automatic successive readings,
3. Scanning under manual control to forecast the intensities of the spots and to facilitate the adjustment of the power and sensitivity,
4. Posting in real time of the scanning in course,
5. Stop of the scanning at any time,
6. Access to the images previously acquired,
7. Selection of zones on image and zoom
8. Selection of zones of image to be safeguarded selectively
9. Posting of the position of the cursor in mm when seeing the acquired image
10. Posting of the values of the individual Pixels.
11. Pre-analytical function of the intensities of the spots.

Format of exported image:
. *.tif (16-bit),
. *.bmp (for posting only).

Specifications of performances:

Sample :
Any slide of standard glass of microscopy supporting a dry sample or liquid with or without plate; membrane nitrocellulose and/or nylon,…
Confocal optics with automatic and manual focussing
Surface of analysis : 22mm X 75mm
Scanning rate : 50 lines of scan a second
Less than two minutes with 10μm of resolution, over all the width of analysis (22mm ), and less than 20 seconds with 100μm of resolution for pre-visualization of the spots
Outdistance between objective and sample: 1.4 mm
Depth of field : Approximately 30 μm
Resolution : Adjustable between 10 and 50 μm by pixel, surface of analysis between 220 X 750 and 2200 X 7500 pixel
Sensitivity : 0,1 molecule of Cy3/μm ² with signal-to-noise ratio 3.5
Linearity/cross talk : Lower or equal to 0,1 fluor/μm ²

Software for analysis of microarrays:

1. GMS428 Software for acquisition and Analysis

2. V2.0 jaguar
Software of analysis of microarrays Affymetrix Jaguar 2.0 allows in one the first time :
. to import the two images (*.tiff 16 bit) obtained during the acquisition of the data for the two operating conditions (an image by fluorochrome Cy5 and Cy3),
. to associate the files of deposit (.csv or .art) allowing the automatic identification of the samples and their traceability a posteriori of the whole of information relating to a spot,
. to locate in an automatic or manual way spots,
. to analyze and calculate the background noise and the intensity of fluorescence of each spot,
. to safeguard the whole of this information relating to the intensities of fluorescence under a format owner (*.spt),
Then, in one the second time,
. to analyze the results thanks to the statistical tools and graph presented in the form of several interactive windows: histogram of distribution of the spots, images of various markings of each spot, results in the form of table of the various results with report/ratio of traceability of the samples, capacity of export to the graphic format and spreadsheet (standard Excel)…

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