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G-spin Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Cell/Tissue)


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17231 300 T  



G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit For Cell/Tissue is column- type product for rapid isolation of genomic DNA from cell and tissues. G-spin™ kits use advanced silica-gel-membrane technology for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. Furthermore, G-spin™ buffer system is optimized to allow rapid and simple cell lysis followed by selective binding of DNA to the column. The G-spin™ procedure is very simple, so you can purify DNA from a variety of target sources within 15-20min. G-buffer (lysis buffer) system is specialized in extraction of genomic DNA within short time, in addition this system can be purified genomic DNA from protein and RNA. The purified DNA is free of contaminants and impurities, and is ideal for all PCR, Southern blotting, RAPD,and RFLP applications.  


- Adjusted the advanced silica-gel-membrane.
- Can get the intact genomic DNA without nick / shearing.
- There is no contamination from contaminants and impurities.
- Can be adjusted in suspension cell and monolayer cell.
- Can get the high purified genomic DNA. 

 Applicated Area
- PCR, Southern blotting, RAPD, Dot blot, and sequening, etc.

Kit Contents

* G-buffer
: Before use, add RNase A 0.1㎖ and Proteinase K 0.1㎖.
(After adding them, store at 4℃)
* Binding buffer : When you receive it, store at 4℃.
* Washing buffer
: Before use it, add 40ml of the absolute EtOH
* Elution buffer
* Column
50 columns
* Collection tube
50 tubes
* RNase A stock Solution
* Proteinase K stock Solution
1) If do not use the kit immediately, do not add the RNase A and Proteinase K solution to the G-Buffer. Each buffer stores at -20℃ and add them before use. After adding them, store at the 4℃.
2) If do not open the Binding buffer or store at 4℃, there is no problem to store it at room temperature during 1 month.



DNA Yield (㎍)
DNA Purity
SNU 1 (Human)
3 x 106
25-35 ㎍
SNU 601 (Human)
3 x 106
25-35 ㎍
B16 (Mouse)
3 x 106
30-40 ㎍
HeLa cells
3 x 106
27-36 ㎍
3 x 106
23-33 ㎍


DNA Yield(㎍)
DNA Purity
Spleen (Mouse)
22-30 ㎍
Kidney (Mouse)
30-40 ㎍
Liver (Mouse)
30-40 ㎍

Compared the genomic DNA yield with competitors 
Compared the genomic DNA yield with the competitors, the yield is the superior using the G-spin™ Kit. 

  Fig. Result of separated genomic DNA in Agarose gel
Lane 1, 2, 3, iNtRON;
Lane 4, 5, Supplier A;
Lane 6, Supplier B
Lane M, 1Kb Ladder DNA Marker;
Lane 1, 3×106 cells; Lane 2, 5×106 cells; Lane 3, 1×107cells; Lane 4, 3×106 cells; Lane 5, 5×106 cells; Lane 6, 1×107 cells 

 Compared with the genomic DNA yield according to the sample amount 
G-spin™ Kit for Cell/Tissue is suitable for small amount of sample. That is important to use the proper amount of sample for the ideal DNA yield. 

    Fig. DNA yield is depending of cell number and cell amount.
Lane M, 1Kb Ladder DNA Marker;
Lane 1, 1×106 cells; Lane 2, 3x106 cells;
Lane 3, 5x106 cells; Lane 4, 1x107 cells

 Restriction Enzyme result of separated genomic DNA 
Carrier DNA doesn’t interfere with the downstream experiments, because genomic DNA is highly purified from protein and RNA contamination. 

    Fig. Genomic DNA is suitable for restriction Enzyme treatment after using G-spin™ Genomic DNA prep Kit.
Lane M, 1Kb Ladder DNA Marker;
Lane 1, Intact; Lane 2, BamH I; Lane 3, EcoR I;
Lane 4, Hinc II; Lane 5, Hind III; Lane 6, Nco I 

PCR result of separated genomic DNA from various cell 

    Fig. PCR amplification of separated genomic DNA (with action primer for human and mouse, the PCR result size :216bp) Result of Agarose gel.
Lane M, 100bp Ladder DNA Marker;
Lane 1, B16; Lane 2, HeLa; Lane 3, NB4;
Lane 4, SNU1; Lane 5, SNU 601

Experiment of G-buffer amount according to the cell number  

    Fig. Result of agarose gel electrophoresis of genomic DNA from NB4.
Lane M, 1Kb Ladder DNA Marker;
Lane 1, 5×105 cells /150㎕;
Lane 2, 5×105 cells/300㎕;
Lane 3, 1×106 cells/300㎕;
Lane 4, 3×106 cells/300㎕;
Lane 5, 3×106 cells/600㎕;
Lane 6, 1×107 cells/600㎕ 


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