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G-spin Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Bacteria)


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17121 50 Col.


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G-spinTM Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract genomic DNA from various samples such as fresh or frozen cell/tissue of animal, G(-),G(+) bacteria, plants and blood.

G-spinTM Genomic DNA Extraction Kit for Bacteria is developed to perform the best function to extract the genomic DNA from Gram-positive or Gram-Negative bacteria.In general, when genomic DNA is extracted from bacteria, manual method is common. However manual method has had an inconvenience generated by protein contamination or EtOH precipitation. G-spinTM for Bacteria is designed to figure out these problems of manual method. It selects the column type so that there is no precipitation step and can get the high purity genomic DNA due to using column which binding only DNA. G-buffer (lysis buffer) system of this kit can stabilize the bacterial genomic DNA and there is no DNA sharing. So it is very powerful to have a large size genomic DNA.

Because column membrane is binding only DNA, it is very suitable to use at PCR, southern blotting, RAPD and sequencing due to high purity.


  1. Very fast within short time.
  2. Simple protocol, ready-to-easy.
  3. No precipitation step (column type).
  4. High purity of genomic DNA.
  5. High yield of genomic DNA.
  6. Providing of RNase A, Lysozyme, Proteinase K.
  7. Applied sample

: E. coli, Salmonella pullorum, Bacillus subtilis, Corynebacterium,Staphylococuus aureus, Pseudomonas, Micrococcus, Lactobacillus can be used for almost all gram (+) or gram (-) bacteria.

Kit Contents

* Pre buffer (G(+))
: Before use, add RNase A Soln. 15§¡, and store at 4°C.


* G-buffer (G(-),G(+)) : cell lysing buffer.
: Before use, add RNase A Soln. 210§¡ and Proteinase K soln. 40§¡.
After adding them, store at 4°C.


* Binding buffer
: When you receive the Genomic DNA binding solution, store at 4¡É immediately.


* Washing buffer A
: Before use, add absolute EtOH 21§¢.


* Washing buffer B
: Before use, add absolute EtOH 40§¢.


* Elution buffer
* Column
50 columns
* Collection tube
50 tubes
* Lysozyme stock solution (100§·/§¢)
* RNase A stock solution (20§·/§¢)
* Proteinase K stock solution (20§·/§¢)


: PCR, Southern blotting, RAPD, and sequening.

G-spin Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Bacteria)
Ordering Information | Cat No 17121 | Size 50 col.
138.00 €
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