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Prober Probe DNA Purifying System

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17072 100 Col


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PROBERTM Probe DNA purifying system of iNtRON is a disposable column, which removes unincorporated labeled nucleotides following end-labeling, probe labeling, or polymerization reaction with labeled nucleoti des. Prepacked column is useful for the purification of probe DNA for Southern hybridization, Northern hybridization, and in situ hybridization.


No RNase and DNase detected.
Powerful retention of unincorporated nucleotides.
High recovery of radiolabeled DNA.
Simple step : Only a few seconds of centrifugation will give you purified probe DNA.
Rapid reaction time : All step is performed in 30-60 seconds.
Use the advanced Sephadex Resin
High purity : The kit produces high quality DNA.


- end-labeling, random primer labeling, nick translation or other purification after polymerization.

Kit Contents

* PROBERTM column 100 columns

1) According to the storage temperature, bead solution is sometimes dried.
At this case, add the 1x STE (10mM Tris-HCl, pH8.0; 1mM EDTA; 100mM NaCl) buffer properly.
2) Cut the bottom of column before use.
3) Be careful not to touch the column resin, when you load the DNA sample by tip.
4) Do not put the physical power such as reversing the column after separating.

PROBER Probe DNA Purifying System
Ordering Information | Cat No 17072| Size 100 col.
224.00 €
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