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DNA-Labeler Probe DNA Labeling Kit

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When labeling probes, the random priming and end labeling methods are commonly used. Our Probe Labeler Kit is developed on the basis of the random priming method. It can be used to label probes with radioisotopes, biotin, or dig-oxigenin. Probes prepared by Probe Labeler Kit can be used in Southern and Northern blotting, and in situ hybridization. The Klenow fragment in the kit ensures the efficient synthesis of probe DNA. The enzyme synthesizes new DNA by incorporating nucleotide monophosphate at the free 3í-OH group provided by the primer. The newly synthesized DNA is radioactive by substituting a radio-labeled nucleotide for a non-radioactive one in the reaction mixture.
Conventional protocols for random oligo-labeling of DNA require a minimum of 30 minutes to perform, and many suggest an overnight incubation. iNtRONís Probe Labeler Kit makes it possible to produce high-specific-activity DNA probes within 10 minutes.†


- For probe DNA labeling with radioisotope, all components are included in the kit.
- Can probe DNA labeling properly according to the sort of Radioisotope.
- Can probe DNA labeling in a short time.
- Provide proper buffer for using [32P]-dATP or [32P]-dCTP .††


- Gene library screening, Southern and Northern blot assay or probe DNA Labeling in situ hybridization

Kit Contents

* Exo(-) Klenow fragment 30?
* dCTP buffer (5X) 300?
* dATP buffer (5X) 300?
* Random primer (100pmol/?) 300?
* Stop mix (0.5M EDTA) 100?
* Ultra-pure water (DNase/RNase free water) 1?

1) In probe labeling, dNTP, random primer and free radioisotope tagged nucleotides induce non-specific binding in hybridization experiments. Therefore, probe DNA has to be purified. iNtRON provides PROBERTM Probe DNA Purifying System (Cat. 17071) to purify probe DNA.

DNA-Labeler Probe DNA Labeling Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 16041| Size 30 rxn.
145.00 €
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