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LINKeed Rapid DNA Ligation Kit (Version 2)


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This LINKeed® Rapid DNA Ligation Kit is enable very quick ligation reaction at RT (from 5 min to maximum 30 min). LINKeed® kit performs a very quick and precise ligation of both sticky(cohesive)-end cloning product and blunt-end cloning product. There is no need to add excess ATP etc.


  1. Sufficient ligation efficiency can be archived at room temperature.
  2. Ligation reaction will be done from 5 min to maximum 30 min.
  3. Enable Stick (cohesive)-end ligation
  4. Enable Blunt-end ligation
  5. Enable ligation linker DNA which synthesized to Blunt-end DNA


: Stick (cohesive)-end ligation, Blunt-end ligation, linker DNA (synthesized to Blunt-end DNA) ligation Etc.

Kit Contents

* T4 DNA Ligase (1Weiss Unit/㎕)
* LINKeed Solution (5 X)

Storage : Stable for one year at -20°C


1) 5 min will be enought for Ligation reaction. However, if the size of blunt-end cloning or insert DNA are over 1 kb, please increase reaction time. 

2) This is difficult ligation to make blunt by Sticky-end's enzyme reaction. Therefore, If the ligation didn't work well, the problem is vector DNA or the problem occured in the process of blunding insert DNA, not ligation itself.

LINKeed Rapid DNA Ligation Kit (Version 2.0)
Ordering Information | Cat No 15023 |Size 30 Rxn.
104.00 €
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