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pLUG-Multi TA-Cloning Vector Kit

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pLUG®-Multi TA-cloning vectors are designed for the convenient and direct PCR cloning and serving a credible blue/white colony selection. The credible blue/white colony selection could be realized by iNtRON’s proprietary DCSTM technology. DCSTM technology with an anticipated recombinant plasmid. DCSTM technology excludes the possibility of selection of colonies having a parental plasmid used for the preparation of TA-cloning vector or a re-circulated plasmid after loss of T-overhang of TA-cloning vector.

Note: False white colony without cloned DNA may be occurred by the undesirable mutation in the lacZ alpha gene or its regulatory elements during the plasmid propagation and the insertion of non-specific PCR products or primer-dimers into cloning vector, which may shift reading-frame.

pLUG®-Multi TA-cloning vectors contain several engineered restriction-enzyme recognition sites around the TA-cloning site allowing easy restriction analysis of recombinant plasmids or re-cloning to another vector. Especially, the restriction-enzyme recognition sites of pLUG®-Multi TA-cloning vector around the TA-cloning site are located in mirror-repeat pattern, which is useful in re-cloning to another vector. 


  • High cloning efficiency
  • High percentage of true white colony : DCSTM Technology
  • Credible blue/white colony selection : DCSTM Technology
  • Rapid procedure (rapid ligation) : 10min~15min
  • Allowing convenient sequencing (M13 forward/reverse priming sites)
  • Allowing easy re-cloning to another vector : Mirror-repeat Pattern

Kit Contents

Storage : -20°C

* pLUG®-Multi TA-cloning vector
20 ㎕
5x Ligation buffer
100 ㎕
T4 DNA ligase
20 ㎕
Distilled water
1 ㎖

pLUG-Multi TA-Cloning Vector Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 11051 | Size 20 Rxn.
164.00 €
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