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G-DEX IIb Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Blood)
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17241 200T


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It has been increasing for researchers to have needs to extract genomic DNA from various samples because of the active investment to the recent genome research. The end-users are considering yield efficiency and purity when they choose the genomic extraction kit and in addition, they would like to get convenience with yield efficiency and purity.
The purity of the extracted genomic DNA is especially important in genome research and generally it is preferred that the proportion of OD260:280 is in between 1.9 and 2.1.
iNtRON’s G-DEX IIb and G-DEX IIc is designed to easily extract genomic DNA from blood (bone marrow), cell, tissue and bacteria.
The Cell Lysis Buffer used in G-DEX II series is developed to be able to dissolve nucleus with high efficiency and RBC lysis buffer of G-DEX IIb is designed to dissolve cell membrane only and remove the RBC.
G-DEX II series remarkably reduces the experiment time due to simpler protocol than G-DEX series and can precipitate protein without heating PPT buffer.

(1) Can extract genomic DNA from blood, cell, tissue and bone marrow.

(2) Takes only 20~40 min to extract genomic DNA.

(3) Simple protocol : Lysis -->Remove protein -->Get DNA Pellet -->DNA hydration.

(4) Guarantee high yield and high purity.

(5) High yield of DNA
- 40㎍ from 1ml blood
- 1mg from 1x10(8) cell
- 1mg from 1g Tissue
- 50ug from 1ml Bacteria 

(6) High purity of DNA : OD260:280 = 1.9 ~ 2.1 

(7) Can implement clear PCR with pure DNA.

(8) Very efficient to Southern blot with intact genomic DNA. 

(9) Optimal to get high purity DNA which will be used as a probe at cDNA chip.


- High yield & High Purity
- Easy and fast method (20-60 Minutes)
- High solubility
- Suitable for PCR, restriction analysis, southern blotting, cloning, DNA chip


- PCR, Southern blotting, RAPD, Dot blot, 및 sequening 등

Kit Contents

(G-DEX IIb, Cat. 17241 )

* RBC Lysis Buffer

90㎖ x 2 bottles

* Lysis Buffer


* Protein PPT Buffer


* DNA Rehydration Solution


* RNase A Solution (4mg/㎖)



G-DEX IIb can extract from Bloods (Bone Marrow), Cells, Tissues, Gram (-) Bacteria, and


2) Please visit our website to see the protocol depending on the sample's sorts.

In addition, please check the buffer amount in the protocol according to the cell numer and

tissue amount.


G-DEX IIb Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Blood)
Ordering Information | Cat No 17241 | Size 200 T.
208.00 €
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