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Colorimetric Protein Microarrays Desktop Laboratory

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Product Descriptions
  • Ordering Information
  • Warranty

The Colorimetric Protein Microarray Platform can empower a user perform a variety of micro multiplexed protein microarray assays including microarray based multiplex ELISA assays.  See

http://www.proteinmicroarrays.com for more information on the types of assays that can be done with this platform.

Miniaturizing and multiplexing ELISA based assays reduces cost and increases the accuracy of the assays.  When multi analytes are processed in a microarray format, each analyte on the surface of the microarray is subjected to the same exact processing conditions.  This reduces variability when multiple samples are analyzed.  Additionally the microarray format uses much lower reaction volumes, which increases the concentration of capture agent on the surface to the protein in solution being reacted to the microarray.  Higher concentrations mean greater detectivity and higher sensitivity.  In addition the microarray format saves money by using 10,000 fold less sample.  In some cases, our microarray format can replace all traditional ELISA based 96 well plate and tube-based assays.  This powerful set of tools is capable of performing a multitude of other applications including:

  • MicroSpot ELISA
  • Protein-Protein
  • Protein-Drug
  • Protein-Antigen
  • Protein-Antibody
  • Protein-DNA
  • Protein-RNA
  • Protein-Carbohydrate and more…

Product Description
The Protein Microarray Platform includes everything you need to perform robust protein microarray experiments.  The system includes:

The Protein Edition NanoPrint or SpotBot Personal Microarrayer
Choice of system depends on throughput needs.  This unique microarrayer has cold room capabilities built in and delivers sub-nanoliter volumes of sample to protein microarray surfaces using our ex-situ microarray manufacturing platform.

SpotWare Colorimetric Microarray Scanning System
This colorimetric microarray scanning system has adjustable resolution from 5 to 50 microns with 16-bit data acquisition dynamic range.  The easy to use acquisition interface and adjustable detector gain make it a very powerful scanning system. Compatible with all colorimetric enzymatic and non enzymatic labeling systems such as AP, HRP, and colloidal gold labeling techniques. A 1 year warranty is included in the platform

Microarray Quantitation Software
SpotWare generates 16-bit data that needs to be quantitated and analyzed.  The 16-bit file format is compatible with all current microarray software analysis and quantitation programs.  

SuperNitro Membrane Substrates
This microarray surface takes advantage of a hydrophobic membrane that binds a high amount of protein while having essentially zero background when used in conjunction with the SpotWare Colorimetric Scanning System.

Buffers for detection, reaction, and blocking
Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Reagents These detection reagents are based on alkaline phosphatase and optimized for use on the SuperNitro surface chemsitry to assure low background and maximum detectivity.

BlockIt Blocking Buffer

Reaction Cassette
The platform includes 3 of these bench tools designed for cover slip microarray reactions suitable for both DNA and protein microarrays.

Microarray High Throughput Wash Station
The platform includes 3 bench top microarray-washing tools that cleans 25 substrates/slides on a typical magnetic stir plate.

Microarray Centrifuge
Spin-dries one substrate/slide in seconds after washing.

Ordering Information

Product Description Catalog ID

Colorimetric Protein Microarray Platform

The Protein Microarray Platform includes everything required to perform robust colorimetric protein microarray experiments including a SpotBot protein microarrayer, colorimetric scanner, membrane substrate slides, and other tools, kits and reagents.
Instruments & Hardware
Pipettors Xiril