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CGH Microarrays

Figure A: 1. 946 Micro Spotting Device attached to a microarrayer for CGH microarray manufacturing.  2. Depending on the experimental design, CGH microarrays can be made using BACs, Oligonucleotides or cDNAs. Sample type influences surface chemistry selection. 3. Hybridization cassettes or automated instruments can be used for manual hybridization reactions as shown here. 4. Detection for subsequent analysis in 2-colors performed on a slide based microarray scanner such as the SpotLight or InnosScan scanners.

Product List and Links

946 and Stealth Micro Spotting Devices
These are the most widely used microarray technologies in the world, with many thousands of installations world wide on various robotic systems.  It is used to manufacture CGH microarrays of BACs, cDNAs or oligos.  It is compatible with all the various microarray surface chemistries deployed in CGH microarray applications.

NanoPrint Microarrayer
High throughput linear drive motion control based microarrayer capable of more than 48 spots per second, and 50,000 spots per microarray. This instrument sets the standard for CGH microarray manufacturing applications regardless of the sample type.

SpotBot® 2 Microarrayer
Low throughput microarrayer excellent for personal CGH microarray manufacturing.

SpotLight Microarray Scanner
The architecture of this 10-micron resolution, 2-color system increases signal to noise ratios in CGH microarray scans by 7X over traditional microarray scanning architectures.

Microarray surface chemistries
Depending on the sample type and preparation protocol, ArrayIt® has a surface chemistry to meet the needs of all CGH microarray applications.  BACs, cDNAs, oligos, DOP-PCR, Linker-mediated PCR-amplified generated samples and many other types are compatible. Tell us your sample type and we can recommend the right surface chemistry.

Hybridization Cassettes
This simple, yet high performance hand operated tool delivers consistent hybridization results at very low cost.  Durable and lasting performance for many years is guaranteed.

High Throughput Wash Station
Simple and inexpensive tool to get stunning microarray results.

Microarray Centrifuge
This tool provides quick and efficient drying of CGH microarrays prior to scanning.

Purification Kits
Cleaner samples in microarray applications provide superior results.


Instruments & Hardware
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