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Lirix Software


The Lirix Software Package

A flexible instrument would be useless without an equally flexible software to support it. That’s why we created Lirix; a modular software package with a multi-level architecture that is ideal for start/stop routine processing, quick-start programming and fully supports even the most challenging pipetting applications, regardless if you are a novice or an advanced user.

Lirix is strictly sample-oriented and supports Application Specialists with a comprehensive library of actions for pipetting, barcode reading, plate handling, incubation, etc.


Using a simple drag-and-drop technique, processes can be constructed step by step in a logical workflow. A user-friendly wizard guides the Operator through a simple start-up procedure for pre-defined assays and enables full control over the entire process at any time.


Lirix provides a complete data management system including result and run log files. The interface for host communication allows the download of worklists and the upload of results.

The Lirix software package is written in MS C++ and MS VB. As programming interface the SAX Basic engine (macro language, fully compatible to MS VBA) is embedded in Lirix. All user interfaces are designed to the well-known "MS-Outlook" style.

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