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PCR Setup Workstations


Automated PCR Setup on Xiril Robotic Workstations


Polymerase chain reaction assays play a key role in the modern research and diagnostic laboratories. Many advantages are apparent when using an automated system for PCR assay setup. Time-consuming and error-prone manual pipetting can be omitted and the risk of cross-contamination is minimized. Automation has proved to be highly accurate and reliable and, importantly, is more cost-effective than laborious manual alternatives.

Xiril Workstation features and benefits

Pipetting of PCR assays as well as cycle sequencing reaction setup can easily be automated on the Xiril Robotic Workstation. The fully scalable and modular automated PCR Setup Workstation provides unsurpassed flexibility to run virtually any PCR type or and can address a broad range of throughput requirements.

- Reactions can be prepared in micro tubes, 96- or 384-well micro plate formats.
- Precise and reliable pipetting of DNA template, primers and master mix is performed with disposable tips by the proprietary Xiril micro piston pump (MPP) or by the integrated 96 channel head.
- High sample throughput and increased hands off time is achieved by integration of additional modules, e.g. cooling units or plate stackers.
- The flexible Lirix Software can be run in a data driven working mode thereby enabling the pipetting of complex assay plate maps as well as dilution or normalization steps




Instrument layout for a typical PCR setup
Processing 2 x 96 samples on an X75


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