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Viral Gene-spin Viral DNARNA Extraction Kit

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Viral Gene-spin¢â Kit is intended for the purification of viral DNA and RNA from to extract rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of sample sources including plasma, serum, cerebral spinal fluid, amniotic fluid, tissue, bone marrow, or other cell-free body fluids and virus-infected cell/tissue. The Viral Gene-spin¢â kit provides a rapid method for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids within 15 min; however, the kit does not separate DNA from RNA. Purification of either RNA or DNA can be achieved by incubating the purified material with either DNase or RNase, respectively. Viral Gene-spin¢â kit can be used for the extraction and purification of a broad range of DNA and RNA viruses from a variety of sources. However, performance cannot be guaranteed for every virus or from all sources. No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation; Consistent, high yields; Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors for reliable downstream applications.


1) Safety : No phenol/Chloroform Extraction
2) Rapid isolation of Viral DNA/RNA : within 20 minutes
3) onvenience : Extract DNA and RNA together
3) Variety : Extract DNA & RNA from very small to large amounts.
3) High purity : DNA ratio (OD260/280) = 1.9 ~ 2.0

Applicated Area

: RT-PCR and real-time PCR, PCR, Infectious disease research


Store at R.T

Kit Contents

* Viral Gene-spin buffer: Lysis buffer


* Binding buffer


* Washing buffer A


* Washing buffer B
: Add 100% EtOH 40ml before to use


* Elution buffer


* Column

50 columns

* Collection tube

50 tubes

Experiment Data

Comparison of Viral Gene-spin¢â Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit and phenol/chloroform Extraction. According to the this result, Viral Gene-spin¢â Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit gains higher DNA yield.

Fig. RT- PCR from Total RNA with different kits

: Phenol / Chloroform extraction kit (solution type) ,
: Viral Gene-spin¢â Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit
Lane1~7 : Different samples infected with avian fluvirus(H9N2)

Viral Gene-spin Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 17151| Size 50 col.
164.00 €
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