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easy-spin llp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (Mini-prep)
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17310 50 col.


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easy-spin IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (mini-prep) is recommended for use total RNA isolation as mini-scale from plant tissues. One of the kit component contains high molecular polyethyleneglycol (HMW-PEG) that binds to contaminants such as polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides that are commonly present in plant tissues.
Glass fiber filter-based RNA isolation method, such as the easy-spin¢â IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit, are especially suited for plant RNA purification because they do not include any alcoholic precipitating steps; many kind of contaminants found in plant tissue are known to co-precipitate with nucleic acid during alcohol precipitation. When use with the easy-spin¢â IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit, the procedure consists of disrupting the plant tissue in a guanidinium based solution to which the pre-lysis buffer has been added. A brief centrifugation then remove the polyphenolic and polysaccharide contaminants. The supernatant is passed through a glass-fiber filter under conditions that support RNA binding to glass filter. The filter is then washed to remove other contaminants and the RNA is recover in adequate volume (50 ~ 100 ul or more) of elution buffer.
The most remarkable characteristics of the easy-spin¢â IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit is: (1) there is no genomic DNA contamination, (2) there is no alcohol PPT process, and (3) there is possible to recover a high quality of plant total RNA.


1. Extract total RNA from all kinds of plant tissue with easy and convenient.
2. Remove completely any cause for contaminants in the plant tissue.
3. Remove contamination of genomic DNA
4. Very convenient without procedure of Alcohol PPT
5. Guarantee High purity, High yield

Applicated Area

1. Extract plant pathogenic virus
2. Extract totla RNA from plant seed
3. Extract total RNA and synthesize cDNA from all kinds of plant

Kit Contents

  • Pre-lysis buffer  100 ml
  • Lysis buffer  40 ml
  • Binding buffer  20 ml
  • Washing buffer A  40 ml
  • Washing buffer B  8 ml
  • :Ensure that 32 ml of EtOH is added to Washing buffer B before use.
  • Elution buffer  10 ml
  • Pre spin column  50 col.
  • Binding spin column  50 col.
  • 50 ml tube  50 tubes



Lysis Buffer : Store at 4¡É after receiving
Other components: Store at Room temperature

Experiment Data

1) Data of extracting totla RNA from four different kinds of seed sample

iNtRON's easy-spinTM IIp shows much higher yield than company Q product.

2) Test virus detection infected by Seed sample

Extract total RNA from CGMMV-infected seed, then test virus detection by RT-PCR. iNtRON's easy-spinTM IIp shows higher sensitivity than A and Q company product.

easy-spin IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (Mini-prep)
Ordering Information | Cat No 17310 | Size 50 col.
212.00 €
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