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easy-RED BYF Total RNA Extraction Kit


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17064 100 prep.


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easy-REDTM BYF Total RNA Extraction Kit (for BYF samples)is a complete, ready to use reagent for easy isolation of total RNA from BYF samples which contain Gram positive / negative bacteria, yeast and fungi.
The Pre Lysis Buffer is designed for use with easy-REDTM solution to drastically improve the isolation of intact total RNA form BYF samples, and is used as an efficient pre-treatment buffer for BYF samples prior to RNA isolation with easy-REDTMsolution. The use of Pre Lysis Buffer with easy-REDTM solution inactivates endogenous RNase and promotes protein denaturation improving the RNA quality and integrity. BYF samples are preheated with the Pre Lysis Buffer and incubated at high temperature.
The easy-REDTM solution is then added to dissolve the cell components the cell components and maintain RNA integrity. Addition of chloroform followed by centrifugation separates the lysate into an aqueous phase containing RNA and an organic phase. RNA is recovered from the aqueous phase phase by precipitation with isopropanol. The Final RNA pellet is dissolved in RNase free/DEPC-treated water.


Pre Lysis Buffer 25 ml
Store at RT, Do not store 4°C or -20°C. If a precipitate is formed, heat at 65°C until precipitate is dissolved
Lysis Buffer (easy-REDTM solution) 75 ml
Store at 4°C

easy-RED BYF Total RNA Extraction Kit (Bacteria/Yeast/Fungi)
Ordering Information | Cat No 17064 | Size 100 prep.
311.00 €
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