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Exo(-) Klenow Fragment

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300U (10U/§¡)


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Klenow Fragment, exo-, is a genetically engineered Klenow polymerase in which the 3' to 5' exonuclease activity has been removed, leaving only the 5' ti 3' polymerase activity.
The elimination of exonuclease activity makes Exo- Klenow Fragment the enzyme of choice for isotopic or biotin labeling of DNA probes by the random primed method, and for DNA sequencing by the sanger dideoxy method.

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Storage Condition

- Store at -20°C




Contents                                                  Size
Klenow Fragment (6 U/§¡)                                         50 §¡
Klenow Fragment buffer (10 x)                                   1 ml


Klenow Fragment (3'-5' exo-) (10 U/ul)
Ordering Information | Cat No 27043| Size 300U (10U/§i)
145.00 €
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