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i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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17451 50 col.


191.00 €

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The i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides fast and easy purification of stool DNA from fresh or frozen stool samples. i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit purified DNA is of high quality and is ideal for reliable use in PCR and other downstream enzymatic reactions. The i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract genomic DNA in 50 minutes from a small amount of stool matter from any of a variety of animals, including human, rat, bird, cat, and cow. The simple igenomic spin procedure yields pure DNA ready for direct use in less than standardization and ease of use. Purification requires no phenol-chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, and involves minimal handling. DNA is eluted in low-salt buffer and is free of protein, nuclease, and other impurities or inhibitors. The purified DNA is ready for use in PCR and other enzymatic reactions, or can be stored at -20¡É for later use. Genomic DNA obtained from stool samples provides a window into animal pathophysiology. For example, changes in the methylation patterns in fecal DNA may be a promising marker for human colorectal cancer screening. In rural watersheds, E. coli typing can help track the animal sources of fecal water pollution. In addition, PCR can be used to detect intestinal protozoan infections in avian wildlife populations, in humans, or for human biome studies. Stool samples typically contain many compounds that can degrade DNA and inhibit downstream enzymatic reactions. To ensure removal of these substances, the igenomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit contains i-genomic Stool IR Spin Columns, a special tool provided in a convenient spin column form. i-genomic Stool IR Spin Columns efficiently absorb these substances early in the purification process so that they can easily be removed by a quick centrifugation step from stool samples.


1. High quality : Guarantee the high purity and high yield of DNA using IR Spin Column to remove various impurities in the sample
2. Wide scope : Can extract the gDNA from Gram(+)/(-) bacteria, virus and mammalian cells in stool.
3. Efficiency : Extraction of gDNA needs only 50min from sample to elution.
4. Convenience: It is not necessary Phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation.
5. Universality: It can apply widely to human sample and animal samples (dog, rat, mouse, bird, cat and cow)

Kit Contents

* Bubber IP

9 ml

* Buffer IG

22 ml

* Buffer IWA

40 ml

* Buffer IWB

10 ml

* Buffer IE

20 ml

* Spin Columns (Violet color O-ring)

50 columns.

* Collection Tubes (2ml tubes)

100 tubes

* RNase A Solution

0.2 ml

* Proteinase K Solution

1.1 ml


i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 17451| Size 50 col.
191.00 €
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