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i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit

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17361 50 col.


150.00 €

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i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides a fast and easy way to purify DNA from BYF samples such as various gram positive bacteria, yeast, fungal tissue and fungi. Furthermore, we have tested i-genomic BYF DNA Mini Kit to get more practical data with 23 BYF samples. You can see vast sample photos, vast samples and vast practical data.

i-genomic BYF DNA Mini Kit provides 4 kinds of protocols, Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D. You can also extract genomic DNA from various BYF samples in addition to 20 BYF samples by selecting an appropriate protocol. When you choose a protocol, please refer to BYF Sample List (see Figure 2). If you need some more information in selecting a protocol, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Assistance Team.

i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit (gram(+) Bacteria/Yeast/Fu
Ordering Information | Cat No 17361 | Size 50 col.
150.00 €
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