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i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Urine is the low concentration of nucleated cells present in human urine. The nucleated cells found in urine are typically white blood cells and epithelial cells. There are a number of advantages to using the DNA found in urine for diagnostics, including the fact that sample collection of urine is absolutely non-invasive, and the isolation of DNA from urine is technically easier than from blood due to the low protein content of urine. Furthermore, urine is non-infectious for HIV and less infectious for many other pathogens. However, the current methods for isolating DNA from urine have a number of drawbacks associated with them. First of all, the methods are generally long and tedious, and only result in trace amounts of DNA being isolated. Furthermore, large amounts of urine are required for the procedure, however only very small amounts of DNA are isolated. Also, the procedures often involve the use of expensive or harmful chemicals. i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit provide a fast and simple protocol for isolation. The purified DNA is free of contaminants and impurities and is ideal for all PCR, southern blotting, RAPD, and sequencing applications. i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit uses advanced silica-gel membrane technology for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. Furthermore, Buffer UG system is optimized to allow rapid and simple cell lysis followed by selective binding of DNA to the column.


1. Extraction of microorganism gDNA : Effectively extract gDNA from Gram + / -, bacteria and yeast like Candida
2. Objective assessment of performance : Excellent extraction efficiency is proven.
3. Salt Control : Removing salt effectively in extraction process for down stream applications

Kit Contents

* Bubber IP

9 ml

* Buffer IG

22 ml

* Buffer IWA

40 ml

* Buffer IWB

10 ml

* Buffer IE

20 ml

* Spin Columns (Violet color O-ring)

50 columns.

* Collection Tubes (2ml tubes)

100 tubes

* RNase A Solution

0.2 ml

* Proteinase K Solution

1.1 ml


i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 17391
230.00 €
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