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i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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17401 50 Col


185.00 €

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i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides a fast and easy way and convenient technique to isolate high quality DNA from food samples. i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit is able to extract DNA from different varieties of foods. i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit especially designed to provide high yields of DNA from moderately and highly processed foods. Furthermore, we have tested i-genomic Food DNA Mini Kit to get more practical data with 16 food samples. The extracted and purified DNA is suitable for any molecular biology procedure, such as PCR amplification, restriction digestion, cloning, sequencing, etc. i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit uses advanced silica-gel membrane technology for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. Furthermore, Buffer GG system is optimized to allow rapid and simple cell lysis followed by selective binding of DNA to the column.


1.Wide scope : Can extract the gDNA of processed food with various treatment (Screw, sterilization , high temperature, high-pressure, fried food, Steam with pressure) for GMO test .
2. Efficiency : Can get the high purity and yield of gDNA by removing inhibitor
3. Convenience : Not necessary Phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation.

Kit Contents

* Bubber IP

9 ml

* Buffer IG

22 ml

* Buffer IWA

40 ml

* Buffer IWB

10 ml

* Buffer IE

20 ml

* Spin Columns (Violet color O-ring)

50 columns.

* Collection Tubes (2ml tubes)

100 tubes

* RNase A Solution

0.2 ml

* Proteinase K Solution

1.1 ml



i-genomic Food DNA Extraction Mini Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 17401| Size 50 col.
185.00 €
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