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i-genomic CSI DNA Extraction Mini Kit

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50 col.


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i-genomic CSI DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides a fast and easy way to purify DNA from micro amount sample like forensic samples such as swab, dried spot, finger-print, bone, blood swab, blood dried spot and animal tissue. The enhanced lysis efficiency and binding capacity will help to DNA extraction from various sample as maximized efficiency. i-genomic CSI DNA Extraction Mini Kit provide 4 kinds of protocols, Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D. You can also extract genomic DNAs from various samples by selecting an appropriate protocol. When you choose a protocol, please refer to Protocol List (below table). If you need some more information in selecting a protocol, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Assist Team.


Protocols according to the Sample Groups (4 Protocols)
1. Swab/ Dried Spot/ Fingerprint Swab (Type A Protocol)
2. Blood Swab/ Blood Dried Spot (Type B Protocol)
3. Liquid Suspension/ Blood/ Serum/ Plasma (Type C Protocol)
4. Solid Sample/ Bone/ Hair/ Cell/ Tissue (Type D Protocol)

Kit Contents

* Bubber IP

9 ml

* Buffer IG

22 ml

* Buffer IWA

40 ml

* Buffer IWB

10 ml

* Buffer IE

20 ml

* Spin Columns (Violet color O-ring)

50 columns.

* Collection Tubes (2ml tubes)

100 tubes

* RNase A Solution

0.2 ml

* Proteinase K Solution

1.1 ml


i-genomic CSI DNA Extraction Mini Kit
Ordering Information | Cat No 17382| Size 50 col.
185.00 €
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