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Premium Coverslips for Glass Slides

DiscoverSlips are a novel disposable flow chamber technology for microarrays and cell microscope slides (25x75mm or 1"3"). They improve performance of different slides or microarrays, require smaller sample volumes and prevent contamination.

Designed without adhesives, DiscoverSlips will not leach into the hyb fluid during extended hybridization temperatures and times. DiscoverSlips offer a simple solution to the problem of hybridization non-uniformity. An innovative formation of the reaction area on the glass surface provides separation and allows an even dispersal of hybridization solutions. The injection port allows easy injection of hybridization solutions with pipettes and easy sample recovery after finishing of the reaction.

Together with the handling tools PALMhyb I or PALMhyb IV years of research experience were put in the development. They are easy to use and generate the highest homogeneity of the hybridization parameters.


  • Exchangeable coverslips
  • For use with handling tools PALMhyb I or PALMhyb IV
  • Autoclavable and up to 10 times usable
  • Designed for biochemical reactions with DNA, protein and cell slides or microarrays
  • Reaction area of the DiscoverSlip L 40 x W 20 x H 0.05 mm
  • 55...100 l sample volume
  • Easy injection of hybridization solution with pipette
  • Easy sample recovery after finishing of the reaction
  • Made of chemically inert materials

!! Only for using with PALMhyb I or PALMhyb IV.


Reaction Area per slide

L 40 x W20 x H0.05 mm

Sample volume per slide

55...100 l

The sample volume is depending of the application, sample consistency, and salt content.

Temperature range ambient

0 - 120 C

Temperature accuracy

?1C (at 75C)


Chemically inert