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Hybridization tool for 4 glass slides based on DiscoverSlip technology

With the hybridization tool PALMhyb IV, Q.Instruments launches a new generation of hybridization instrument based on DiscoverSlips.
The PALMhyb IV is a professional exchangeable thermo block for hybridization of up to 4 slides (25x75mm or 1"3"). Years of application research went into the development of this product. It is easy to use and provides the highest level of homogeneity of the hybridization parameters. The novel thermoblock is attached firmly on the thermostats by strong magnets (screwing are not necessary).

Furthermore, an easy closing and opening of the chamber is warranted by the Q.Instruments patented magnetic mechanisms.

To setting up a temperature and active heating of probes can be achieved by the heating block thermostat HBT100 or by heating/cooling unit ThermoSTAR 100 or ThermoTWISTER comfort.


  • Exchangeable thermoblock for 4 slides
  • Designed for biochemical reactions with DNA, protein and cell slides or microarrays
  • Reaction area of the DiscoverSlip L 40 x W 20 x H 0.050 mm
  • 100 l sample volume of the DiscoverSlip
  • For use with Q.Instruments thermostat ThermoSTAR 100, heating block HBT 100 and shaker ThermoTWISTER comfort
  • Tolerates temperatures up to 100 C
  • Easy-to-close and Easy-to-open magnetic mechanisms
  • High level of spatial and temporal temperature stability during hybridization
  • Light-proof interior allows highly light sensitive reactions
  • Made of chemically inert materials: all-aluminium anodised

!! Designed for using on ThermoSTAR 100, ThermoTWISTER comfort and HBT 100.



Geometry in common microtiter plate format (SBS)

Number of slides

1 - 4

Number of DiscoverSlips

1 - 4

Reaction Area on the slide

L 40 x W20 x H0.05 mm

Sample volume per slide

55...100 l

Temperature range ambient

0 - 100 C

Temperature accuracy

?1C (at 75C)


All-aluminium anodised