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  Super-Marathon - Bigger is better 


The Super Marathon Microarrayer builds  on the benefits of the Marthon in terms of quality and performance, but takes the capability to produce microarrays into the realms of high-throughput: a Microplate Stacker (Aj020) and automated lid lifter enable walk-away printing of microarrays from up to 48 microtitre plates. The combination of the ability to handle large sample numbers with the speed of Arrayjet’s proprietary liquid handling, allied to modern printing technology has produced the first inkjet microarrayer capable of outperforming the best of the pin spotters: for the first time non-contact technology delivers on its promise of replacing pin spotting as the front-line method for the high throughput production of microarrays.


The Super Marathon Microarrayer, like the Marathon, has mid-run plate change enabled, in order to further increase plate capacity. The Super Marathon is also compatible with future upgrades to the technology coming from Arrayjet.