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Marathon - Unleash the power of inkjet technology


The Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer, the first from Arrayjet, was launched after almost five years of development. The result is the first non-contact microarrayer combining high quality microarray production with medium throughput capability: the Marathon can print up to 100 slides from six 96-well or 384-well microtitre plates, with manual mid-run plate change enabling more plates to be loaded, for added capacity. This makes the Marathon ideal for facilities just starting out in microarraying, as well as more experienced users now wanting to transition to inkjet printing to obtain higher quality microarrays than they can with their pin spotters.


Importantly, the Marathon is an upgradeable platform: all of the developments coming from Arrayjet to further enhance capability and performance can be installed on an existing machine, further extending its working life in a facility. The Super Marathon Microplate Stacker is available as an upgrade to an existing Marathon.