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Microarray Tools - Microarray Slide Mailers

The two slide mailer is made of rigid polypropylene and has a raised edge to protect spotted samples on ArrayIt® Super Microarray Substrates and other microarrays based on the 25mm x 76mm x 1mm format.  The two slide mailer – storage cassette has an optional environmental proof anti-static bag.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Quality Control
  • Product Description
  • Ordering Information
  • Storage Conditions
  • Warranty

Congratulations on taking a big step towards improving the affordability, quality and speed of your genomics, biomedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural research.  This booklet contains all the information required to take full advantage of 2 slide microarray storage mailer.

Quality Control
Arrayit takes every measure to assure the quality of each two-slide storage mailer microarray applications.

Product Description
The two slide storage mailer is made of rigid polypropylene that has a raised edge to protect the spotting area on ArrayIt® Super Microarray Substrates and other microarrays based on the 25mm x 76mm x 1mm format. The storage mailer comes with an optional environmental proof anti-static bag.

Users will appreciate the following features:

  • Rigid polypropylene construction
  • Convenient pocket size
  • Holds 2 microarrays
  • Raise edge protects spots from damage
  • Raised edge dimensions 21 mm x 72 mm
  • Spotted slides can be put in spots up or down and be protected

Figure 1. Close up photo showing the dimensions of the raise edge that protects spotted microarrays and microarray surface chemistry in a 22 mm x 76 mm area.

Optional environmental proof and anti-static bag

  • Re-sealable zip lock top
  • 4” x 6” internal dimension
  • Can be heat sealed

Figure 2. Environmental proof antistatic bags with re-sealable zip lock top sold separately.

Ordering Information


Number of Units

Catalog Number

Microarray Two Slide-Mailer & Storage

25 per pack


Environmental Proof Bag

25 per pack


Micro Slide Box, 25 place, White, Telescoping

1 each


Micro Slide Box, 25 place, Black, Light Proof

1 each


Micrscope Slide Box, 25 place, Blue, Light Proof

1 each


Storage Conditions
These products are stable indefinitely at room temperature (25°C). Store in the sealed plastic shipping envelopes.  Avoid exposure to elevated temperature, humidity, and dust.

Arrayit's ArrayIt®  Brand Microplates are sold for research purposes. Arrayit's products are not for use in human diagnostics or for drug purposes, nor are they to be administered to humans. Extreme care and exact attention should be practiced in the use of the materials described herein. All Arrayit products are subject to extensive quality control and are guaranteed to perform as described when used properly.  Any problems with these products should be reported to Arrayit immediately.  Our liability is limited to the replacement of the product, or a full refund. Any misuse of this product is the full responsibility of the user, and Arrayit makes no warranty or guarantee under such circumstances.